Top Model
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Налични формати Top Model Защитено сканиране : 07/17/2024 Гледам HD Изтегли HD
Top Model

Top Model

Top Model 1990

Общ преглед:Maria Eduarda "Duda" Pinheiro is a successful top model. After being hired to model Covery brand clothes, she meets the Kundera brothers, Alex and Gaspar, owners of the company. Gaspar, a former beatnik, is over 40 but still practices surfing, lives in a beach-side house and raises five children: Elvis (named after Elvis Presley), Ringo (Starr), Jane (Fonda), Olívia (Newton-John) and (John) Lennon, all from different mothers who left them with him. Anastácia "Naná" Passos, Duda's friend and mentor, loves him platonically, and rivalizes with Mariza Borges over him. Alex by contrast is a yuppie. He and their mother Morgana have a love-hate relationship and rivalry with his brother over Morgana's attention and the company. Alex begins to love Duda, however she falls in love with Lucas, a graffiti artist who is on the run from the São Paulo police due to his involvement in a crime there. He is also searching for his real father, and thinks it's either Alex or Gaspar.

Гледам Ремарке Първа ефирна дата: Sep 18, 1989 Дата на последния ефир: May 04, 1990 Сезон: 1 Сезон Епизод: 197 Епизод Времетраене: 26:14 минути Качество: HD IMDb: 4 / 10 от 10 потребители Популярност: 26.884 Език: pt



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