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Fòma ki disponib Marbella Tache tcheke : 06/16/2024 Gade HD Telechaje HD


Marbella 2024

Apèsi sou lekòl la:César is a successful lawyer based in Marbella, the mafia capital of the world. Handsome, rich, hedonistic, selfish, ambitious, obsessed with social networks... he knows that to maintain his status he has to be the best in court and the man that everyone knows at the wild Marbella parties, where the numerous criminal groups that do business do business. They operate on the Costa del Sol. César is very clear that, in order not to have problems in life, you have to be friends with everyone and never cross certain lines. But when he least expects it, he discovers that he is in the eye of the hurricane and who needs a lawyer to save him is precisely him.

Gade Trelè Premye Dat Air: May 02, 2024 Dènye dat Air: May 30, 2024 Sezon: 1 Sezon Episode: 6 Episode Runtime: 50:14 minit Kalite: HD IMDb: 3.875 / 10 pa 8 itilizatè yo Popilarite: 23.252 Lang: es



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