World's End

World's End
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Fòma ki disponib World's End Tache tcheke : 05/27/2024 Gade HD Telechaje HD
World's End

World's End

World's End 2011

Apèsi sou lekòl la:Set in 1992, Heimsendir is an isolated mental hospital on the outskirts of Reykjavík. The hospital, referred to as ‘World’s End’ is a last resort for many mental patients, many of whom consider it a home. Elementary school teacher, Einar, is committed against his will after a severe nervous breakdown and is critical about how things are run at the hospital and before long he has most of the patients on his side, rooting for change. Einar, along with the other patients, stages a revolution and takes over the hospital, declaring its a state within a state, a Utopia for the mentally ill.

Gade Trelè Premye Dat Air: Oct 02, 2011 Dènye dat Air: Nov 27, 2011 Sezon: 1 Sezon Episode: 9 Episode Runtime: 35:14 minit Kalite: HD IMDb: 2 / 10 pa 1 itilizatè yo Popilarite: 17.928 Lang: is



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