A Kettle of Colour

A Kettle of Colour




利用可能なフォーマット A Kettle of Colour セキュアスキャン : 05/23/2024 見る HD ダウンロード HD
A Kettle of Colour

A Kettle of Colour

A Kettle of Colour 2019

概要概要:The show was meant to compete with those on West German television. To this end it was fairly successful even attracting a following in parts of West Germany which could receive Eastern TV. Its production values were high. Apart from song and dance numbers and appearances from East German celebrities, almost every broadcast featured well-known stars from the west, often after their popularity had peaked in their home countries.

見る トレーラー 初放送日: Jan 29, 1972 最終放送日: Jul 06, 2019 シーズン: 2 シーズン エピソード: 147 エピソード ランタイム: 26:14 分 品質: HD IMDb: 9.2 / 10 沿って 2 ユーザー 人気: 183.449 言語: de



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