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Kin 2022

概要概要:Kin, is a Singaporean family daily tv series, about the complexities of life, love and family relationships. Years have passed since Yoke and Ella had their lives turned upside-down when they returned to be with their rightful families after being swapped at birth. Years later, Yoke has seemingly embraced her role as a status-conscious, high-society Shelley, assuming a leadership role in the family business. Ella has accepted her fate as a member of the salt of the earth, working-class Loh family but struggles to make something of her life. The Lohs, Shelleys, Hassans, and Balas have overcome personal loss, incarceration, as well as estrangement of their loved ones; yet lingering tensions remain. Mysteries continue to unfold as characters pursue their individual agendas, while emotional drama abounds as surprising twists are revealed that threaten the stability to which they have become accustomed..

見る トレーラー 初放送日: Oct 01, 2018 最終放送日: Oct 10, 2022 シーズン: 4 シーズン エピソード: 854 エピソード ランタイム: 26:14 分 品質: HD IMDb: 10 / 10 沿って 0 ユーザー 人気: 40.1 言語: en



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