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Taxi 2011

概要概要:Javar is a newly qualified lawyer and lives in Frogner with journalist girlfriend Anne - without his family know. He does it well as a business in a dignified law firm, but life consists of many half-truths in order that he could live as he wants, without having to account for his Pakistani family. Someday, brother- in-law of his, who runs a taxi for Taxi123, with a memory stick containing false statements. Fraud is undetectable. Not least because the chief of the tax agency, Hans Gablein, well paid by the taxi owners' accountant to shut up. But when those who earn big money scam understand that Javar have the key, starting a hunt for life and death in the streets of Oslo - lead by cab owner and gang leader Khan. Javar only recourse is to get help to expose corruption in the taxi environment, but he does not know who he can trust. For when monetary sums are in the hundreds of millions, is not a life worth. And in the streets driving cabs with eyes that see everything ...

見る トレーラー 初放送日: Oct 31, 2011 最終放送日: Nov 21, 2011 シーズン: 1 シーズン エピソード: 4 エピソード ランタイム: 44:14 分 品質: HD IMDb: 7 / 10 沿って 1 ユーザー 人気: 3.508 言語: no



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