Pepito Manaloto

Pepito Manaloto
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사용 가능한 형식 Pepito Manaloto 보안 스캔 : 06/17/2024 손목 시계 HD 다운로드 HD
Pepito Manaloto

Pepito Manaloto

Pepito Manaloto 2022

개요:The fifth season of Pepito Manaloto is the continuing comedic chronicle of the life of Pepito Manaloto, a lucky multimillion lotto winner, his family, and the merry mix of neighbors and colleagues. The program reflects the humorous realities of everyday Filipino life, highlighting family values that help the lead characters to face challenges with optimism, and celebrating the special, happy moments - big or small- that we all aspire to share with our loved ones. Set in the present-day, the stories are based on real-life experiences and portrayed with humor and wit by the country’s top-notch comedians, led by the show’s creator, lead star, and director, Michael V.

손목 시계 트레일러 첫 방송 날짜: Mar 28, 2010 마지막 방송 날짜: Aug 28, 2022 시즌: 9 시즌 삽화: 199 삽화 실행 시간: 30:14 의사록 품질: HD IMDb: 1.5 / 10 으로 2 사용자 인기: 388.309 언어: tl



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