The Wedge

The Wedge
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사용 가능한 형식 The Wedge 보안 스캔 : 06/15/2024 손목 시계 HD 다운로드 HD
The Wedge

The Wedge

The Wedge 1996

개요:The series revolves around the family of Fatima Ta'alba (Huda Sultan) and her children. Her eldest son is Hajj Darwish (Youssef Shaaban). The idea of ​​the series revolves around the framework of an Egyptian family, the mother, Fatima Talaba, who raises her children in her own style, and her main goal is to form a large, interconnected and undisjointed family, and to secure the family's future by buying agricultural lands for them to become property owners. Hajj Darwish is the head of the family and is married to Maryam (Fadia Abdel-Ghani), his cousin. Fatima Talabeh controls all the family’s decisions to the extent that she chooses the wives of her children without taking their opinion and marries them. The mother controls the wives of her children and the entire house, including those in it.

손목 시계 트레일러 첫 방송 날짜: May 09, 1996 마지막 방송 날짜: Jun 02, 1996 시즌: 1 시즌 삽화: 25 삽화 실행 시간: 28:14 의사록 품질: HD IMDb: 2.5 / 10 으로 2 사용자 인기: 5.798 언어: ar



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