SST: Death Flight

SST: Death Flight
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Форматҳои дастрас SST: Death Flight Скан шуд : 06/13/2024 Тамошо кунед HD Боргирӣ HD
SST: Death Flight

SST: Death Flight

SST: Death Flight 1970

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  • Унвонҳои алтернативӣ: SST: Deathflight, Concord se epikindyni ptisi, Death Flight, SST Death Flight, Kuoleman lento, O Supersónico da Morte, New York Parigi air sabotage '78, Ameaça no Supersônico, SST: Disaster in the Sky, Flight of the Maiden, SST Deathflight, Todesflug, Supersonique en péril
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Шарҳи:SST Death Flight is a 1977 made-for-TV movie produced by ABC Circle Films. It featured an all-star television cast and was directed by David Lowell Rich, who went on to direct The Concorde ... Airport '79. The film capitalizes on the popularity of 1970s aircraft disaster films, this time with a supersonic transport aircraft that is refused permission to land due to the threat of spreading a virulent strain of influenza. The film premiered on February 25, 1977 on ABC and went into syndication. It was lampooned in 1989 by the characters of the KTMA broadcast version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The film is noted for its formulaic plot and its poor production values. For instance, it depicted an American SST as the first of its kind, and used a scale model of what was basically a Concorde with Boeing 747 turbofan engines attached. Other shots were completed using a mock-up of a Boeing 2707, a prototype the company had created when Americans were still pursuing their own SST program.

Тамошо кунед Автоприцеп Аввалин санаи эфир: Jan 01, 1970 Санаи охирини ҳаво: Jan 01, 1970 Мавсим: 0 Мавсим Серия: 0 Серия Вақти корӣ: 26:14 дақиқа Сифат: HD IMDb: 7.6 / 10 аз ҷониби 8 корбарон Маъруфият: 1.144 Забон: en



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